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Green Energy


Green Energy like never before is very important for the environment now a days. The fact is that fossil fuels, that is fuels formed by squashed decomposing organisms in the earth’s crust like oil, coal and gas are running out; and quickly. All of the fossil fuel reserves took about 650 million years to form and we’re going to have used the whole lot up in 300 years! Fossil fuels have without doubt been the most important part of the industrial and technological revolutions. The reason they were so special was the energy density they provide, that is the amount of energy per unit mass was so high.

If you’re under 40, there’s a fairly good chance that the entire world’s oil will be gone in your lifetime. Now is the time to put our efforts into weaning ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction to prepare for a different future in energy terms. Here comes Green Energy.

Another reason that green energy is so important is to conserve our environment. It’s well known that the burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which directly contributes to global climate change. We are doubtless going to use up the entire reserves of fossil fuels on earth, but the slower we do this, the better chance we give the atmosphere to adjust a little, thus minimizing the potential catastrophic effects. So Green Energy can be a great way to take advantage of these worries.